Voices in the Treetops 

What She Does


Her Tools...

  • Infectious rhythms on electric bass guitar, djembe, or anything within reach.

  • Humor - down to earth and relevant.

  • Storytelling from real life

  • Singing music from the roots of human experience.

  • Delivery - passionate, powerful persuasive.

  • Unconditional embracing of all in her audience as family.

  • Universality - understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures. 

  • Determination to celebrate common bonds while appreciating crucial differences.

Conferences call upon Paula's "crowd raisin' " skills to get tired participants galvanized and focused around the issues.  Her musical and oratorical ability to paraphrase and encapsulate content keeps participants on the same page and energized.

Workshops with Paula are extremely interactive.  She calls on participants to stretch beyond self-imposed limits and find creative solutions to obstacles and conflicts.


  • Provides services for civic groups, schools, organizations, and institutions using wit, warmth, wisdom, and an infectious blend of music and rhythm.
  • Galvanizes the talents of community residents into performances of their own original material.
  • Designs and carries out innovative programming with organizations serving disadvantaged and/or at-risk youth, particularly in the areas of substance abuse, anger management, and violence prevention.
  •  Shares African-American culture through storytelling, personal revelations, and traditional-to-contemporary musical styles to urban and rural audiences, encouraging cross-cultural exchange and celebration of all our heritages.
  • Collects the stories and connects the experiences of audiences of all ages, fostering  individual development and community accountability.
  • Motivates the young and old alike in discovering and embracing their true gifts.

The Paula Larke experience

Her musical stylings are eclectic - reminiscent of 60's Motown, Nina Simone's folk-blues, traditional Appalachian mountain laments, and old-time Pentecostal call and response, just to name a few.  

She has been described as electric, inspiring, and hilarious.  She pokes fun at ignorance, prejudice and sexism.  At the heart of her parody and satire is a love of humanity with all its flaws.  She's "a mime with words" (Rinehart Baron)









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