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A "Peace Tree" which has collected the desires and wishes of students from over 26 language groups is planted at the entrance of Clarkston High School.

Clarkston High School Peace Tree Partners:
No Place for Hate Club, International Club, Environmental Science Club,
Parents, and Community Cultural Elders Paula Larke and Kim Nimoy

With paz we can live better.

I wish African continent to get peace.

I wish everybody have a great Christmas time.

I wish I would get everything on my wish list.

I wish for universal health care!

Peace Lover – I wish hate never existed.

Clarkston pass AYP.

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I wish I could see my mother.

I wish peace to all the peoples of the world.

I wish for love for all who don’t have any.

We wish for peace on earth!

I wish everybody in this world gets along and stop all this fighting. O.K. Okay.

I wish the people oversea come home save.

                I wish that all goes well for the holidays and that everyone has a wonderful time!

                                        I wish for a digital camera so I can send pics to my family.                I like ugly girl.

First, I want mutual co-operation between people to peoples- mutual co-operation and understanding help to make the country strong and peace. Though we are from different culture community but we should make the country peace by shearing our culture happiness and sorrow with each others.

                                 (Wish has drawing of sun rising over mountains) Morning show the day!        

I hope everyone got joy other each and new year for them!  I hope not they had same from 2008!   Happy New Year 2009 :>)  ? I wish to you LANG FANG SANG RANG I love you all students of CLS.

                                                                   I wish these girls would leave me alone cause they are not my type.

        That every one gets along and learn to forgive for a new year.

                                                                  I wish my dreams become true. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

             I wish that everyone has a peaceful and safe vacation and that everyone sees who they want.

I wish that I will know more than my my father father fathe. It will be enough to have me to die.

              I wish that I have a wonderful vacation and that one day I will get signed and sell more records than Whitney H. and Beyonce together.

                                                           I wish all the soldiers could come home.

                                        “Grass is green
                                                          My love is clean
                                                                            Sky is blue
                                                                                       My friendship is true”

We wish for peace and happiness!

                                                                                        I wish that I win a million dollars and become rich.

                             I wish the people oversea come home safe.

World Lit teacher Nancy Henry, art teacher David Lane, Prevention/Intervention Specialist Tracy D. Flowers have opened up their hearts, after school hours and classrooms to Voices in the Treetops' arts-based programming.  A school club, No Place for Hate, once struggling to attract committed members, has, through after-school sessions with Paula Larke and Kim Nimoy, blossomed into a vision for an after-school coffee-house/open mic and gallery for performance and visual art.  Students from East Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and local Dekalb County natives are learning each others rhythms, customs, values and beliefs in a "hostility-free zone".   See www.noplaceforhate.org.

Healthy Haiku, a program of Dr. Imani Ma'at, has also been welcomed into the club at Freedom Middle School, thanks to networking efforts of the schools guidance department, Tracy D. Flowers, Mrs. Amie Hinton, and Voices in the Treetops' Paula Larke. The aim of Healthy Haiku at Freedom Middle School is to encourage positive relationships and transform conflict between culturally diverse students.

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