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Paula Larke
Founder, President,
Executive and Artistic Director

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PAULA LARKE - Founder, President, Keynote Speaker, Workshop Facilitator, Humorist, Vocalist, Drummer, Banjoist, Bassist, Storyteller,  Percussive-word Artist, Workshop Program Designer, and Instructor/Teacher.

A veteran of the professional stage, (New York Shakespeare Festival, New Federal Theatre, La Mama) story-gatherer in and creative consultant to educational and community service institutions, Peace Artivist (community peace builder through the arts) PAULA LARKE is firmly grounded in the art of human relationship building.  She has brought her hands-on experience to advisory and keynote presenter roles within educational, social service, public and private sector institutions for over thirty years.  She is a fiercely avowed autodidact, having studied exactly what she needs to know to do exactly what she wants to do all her adult life.  This course of studies she sometimes calls "Hard-Head Hindsight University”, and her degree, Doctorate in Decency Discernment.  After doing professional theatre in NY and on tour, Larke immersed herself in the classroom of the American community, traveling with stories, music, and message across rural and urban USA.  Her accolades as a performer/lecturer include enthusiastic endorsements from the North Carolina Department of Juvenile Services, Leadership America, the General Board of Global Ministries, and innumerable advocacy organizations across the U.S.  In addition, she provides counseling and motivational workshops through faith-based and community service organizations across the country.  She works with refugees from every continent to help them acclimate to American language and customs and still honor the traditions and values of their own cultures.

For over 30 years schools, playgrounds, community centers, nursing homes, churches, lumber mills, electronics plants, Dairymen’s Association dinners, Kiwanis, Lions, Rotary clubs – have been inspired and called to Larke’s messages of peace, non-violence and accountability. Unceasingly promoting peace, justice, and integrity, Paula is a treasured advocate and mentor, combining her musical and theatrical artistry with skills learned in her training with CTI (CONNECT Training Institute), Creating a Culture of Peace, the Brecht Forum TOP Lab (Theatre of the Oppressed), as well as two decades of community organizing and education training through work with Carpetbag Theatre, Inc., NC Teaching Fellows, Kellogg Foundation, Brushy Fork Institute, the Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation, Southern Rural Black Women’s Development Initiative, the Highlander Center in New Market Tennessee, among many others.
She is founder, executive and artistic director of Voices in the Treetops, Inc.  She created and coordinates its local seedling program, C.U.L.T.U.R.E. (Creative Unity, Learning Together for Understanding, Respect, Excellence), now operating in the Clarkston Community Center in Clarkston, GA.  This program models the positive effect of music and intercultural arts activities in diffusing tension and preventing violence in the Clarkston area.

She is a member of Alternate ROOTS, Inc., Local 1000 of the American Federation of Musicians, and Actors Equity Association.

For extensive photos, more information on programs visit:
www.voicesinthetreetops.org and www.paulalarke.com 
or visit YouTube for Paula Larke videos

Kim Nimoy
Vice President,
Director of Intercultural Relations

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Due to the confidential nature of much of Mrs. Nimoy's work with domestic violence survivors and/or certain refugee communities, photos of her work are few and do not depict or compromise the safety of any one in these specific communities.

KIM NIMOY - Vice President, Artivist, Advocate, Chief Percussionist, Consultant, Inspirational Speaker, Peer Educator, and Writer.

KIM NIMOY promotes education and healing through the arts.  She uses music, dance, drama, poetry, drumming, with humor and artistic flair, and is a much sought after keynote speaker and facilitator.

For decades a solo warrior in the fight against domestic violence, Ms. Nimoy is an individual recipient of the prestigious Governor’s Justice, Freedom, and Courage Award in the State of New York. Armed with this as well as the Warrior Award from the Benjamin Cordoza School of Law, she is a fearless representative of Sanctuary for Family’s ( www.sanctuaryforfamilies.org ) legal staff as a member of the Courtroom Advocacy Project (C.A.P.).

After graduating from Sanctuary for Families’ Mentors Program, Ms. Nimoy established the Sister to Sister Peer Support Program at Sanctuary’s Sarah Burke House Tier II Transitional Domestic Violence Shelter.  Sister to Sister is a program which caters to the needs of women survivors in - shelter as well as in the continuing care program.  Her aim is to bring this program to other D. V. shelters both locally and nationally.

Kim Nimoy’s works and words are quoted in law school journals by such professors as John Jay College of Criminal Justice’s Katie Gentile, PhD.  Ms. Nimoy is one of the recipients of the Fund for Modern Courts’ Samuel J. Duboff award1.  This award was given in recognition of her work in documenting problems with handling domestic violence cases and in making recommendations for improving the courts’ approach to such cases.

As an artivist, Kim Nimoy brings her training in the theories of Paulo Freire and Augusto Boal, Pedagogy and Theatre of the Oppressed, to her “works” in helping women to heal and to organize through the arts and to her “works” in promoting peace globally.  Her unique program, The Healing Arts Drum Circle, was designed for and is implemented at Barrier Free Living Family of Companies. http://www.bflnyc.org 

Ms. Nimoy is known in professional circles as a “Peace Warrior”.  She has taken her experience, strength and wisdom to universities, middle through high schools, medical and law schools, the corporate world, prison populations and countless others.  The Allstate Foundation recruited her to train leading advocates for domestic violence survivors from 51 states in the art of using their own stories more effectively to change policies and laws pertaining to family violence.
Ms. Nimoy is the founder of W.O.M.E.N. (Word of Mouth Empowerment Network) which provides workshops for victims in living life beyond violence.

Ms Nimoy works with youth and adults alike.  As Vice President, Director of Intercultural Relations and of Domestic Violence Awareness and Education with VOICES IN THE TREETOPS, Inc. ( www.voicesinthetreetops.org ), she has facilitated workshops for agencies such as Friends of Island Academy, a re-entry program for young first time offenders from Rikers Island Correctional Facility.

She has taken her joyful, rejuvenating strength to NahWeYone, Inc. ( www.nahweyone.org ) a New York service agency for refugees of war-torn African countries.  She serves on the advisory board of Safe Horizon’s Domestic Violence Hotline and is a vital advisory board member of the Commissioner’s Domestic Violence Subcommittee Administration of Children’s Services (ACS). Through this position, Kim Nimoy also provides multicultural sensitivity training to ACS staff.

Kim Nimoy provides emergency room sensitivity training for doctors and staff of Jacobi Medical Center, affiliated with the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Beth Israel Hospital’s the Advocate Program, Mt. Sinai Hospital, and Metropolitan Hospital.

Ms. Nimoy is a certified producer, through training provided to Voices of Women, Inc., for Manhattan Neighborhood Network cable access channel.  She is presently designing, in her own unique style, programming which addresses injustices to humanity on all fronts, locally and globally.

The list of Kim Nimoy’s accolades and achievements could go on but, in her own words, her greatest joy is promoting peace through the arts.  Kim Nimoy believes that "If you heal a woman, you have healed a nation!” and that one must “organize, strategize, and globalize” the message of peace.

1 Samuel J. Duboff Memorial Award: The Samuel J. Duboff Award is named for the late Samuel J. Duboff, who served as Chair of Modern Courts' Executive Committee for 19 years.  The Duboff award recognizes non-lawyers who make outstanding contributions toward improving the quality of justice in New York State.

Kim Nimoy receiving the Governor's Freedom, Justice, and Courage Award

Charlotte A. Watson, Executive Director of the New York State Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence and Chauncey G. Parker, Director of Criminal Justice Services for the State of NY, present Kim Nimoy with the Governor’s Freedom, Justice, and Courage Award for her work against domestic violence.


Ralph Hubbard
Director of Technical Services,
Website Mgr., Oak Ridge, TN
Ralph Hubbard - Peace Advocate

Founder and  President of Living in Peace, Inc.
Living in Peace, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating world peace one person at a time.  Our belief is that world peace does not begin by solving the differences between nations or political organizations or between groups with strongly held religious or ethnic beliefs.  Rather world peace begins with each individual taking responsibility for their part.  When we can let go of our own resentments, prejudices, intolerances, and anger, we become a link in the chain of world peace.


Director of Theatre Education,
University Programming,
Duke University
Sheila Kerrigan - Mime, Theater Specialist
Sheila is a performer, director, and writer who collaborates with schools and after-school programs to create meaningful arts experiences for neighborhood youth.  Sheila created the position of Coordinator of Education and Community Programs for Duke Performances and the Office of Community Affairs at Duke University in NC where she matched up Duke arts students, faculty and staff with appropriate partners, for example, musicians who coach middle school band students.  With Duke Performances, she brought professional performers and artists-in-residence to neighborhood sites.

She has returned to being a full-time writer, theatre arts teacher and consultant, facilitating and teaching at schools, universities and other institutions nationally.  She is co-chair of Alternate ROOTS’ Resources for Social Change and the author of THE PERFORMERS GUIDE TO THE COLLABORATIVE PROCESS.

E-mail: kerrigan@mindspring.com  Website: www.mimewhotalks.com


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