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Voices in the Treetops - Mission

Voices in the Treetops, Inc. (affiliates in New York and Georgia)

Through the expressive arts, Voices in the Treetops, Inc. networks to create a culture of peace by fostering positive, co-operative, productive artivism.  We concentrate on literary and performing arts programs for children, teens, and adults which promote character development, leadership, social and environmental responsibility, wellness, entrepreneurial skills development, social justice, and cultural preservation.  Our mission is to teach and/or empower the principles of pro-active communication through the performing and literary arts and to partner with agencies and institutions operating for the good of the community.

We specialize in workshops, e.g. Domestic Violence, that challenge the structures of power and control that continue to destroy the fabric and integrity of our society.  We mentor young artists, activists and advocates.  We help communities use the power of the performing arts to promote peace, facilitating constructive dialogue and collaboration between individuals, families, faith-based organizations, social service agencies, juvenile services, legal and medical professionals, health professionals and institutions of primary through higher education.  VOICES IN THE TREETOPS, Inc. is totally committed to creating a culture of peace.



We mentor and apprentice young artists in our programs to foster their development as artists for social change. 

We facilitate co-operation and the accessing of mutual moral conscience in warring factions within the community.

Focus Areas

1. Literacy

A. Using instructional and other function - based text to make theatre,
     visual art, and/or music.
B. Forming affinity groups based on diverse literature and print media
     (fiction/drama, fiction/comedy, world history, local history, self-help,
     sports, mechanics, business, environment, etc.).

2. History for Values Clarification and Awareness

A. Spoken Word, Dance, and Musical Performance.
          1. Fostering creativity by presentation of original works.
          2. Encouraging cross-class and cultural communication through
              these media.
B. Community Building/Violence Prevention.
          1. Values examination and clarification in popular culture, tradition
              and folklore.
          2. Intercultural dialogue and language exchange.
          3. Conflict resolution and anger management.
          4. Intergenerational relations.

3. Environmental Studies and Performance Workshops

A. Writing projects based on ecological research.
B. Exchange programs with youth from diverse regions, rural and urban,
     to study the effects of pollutants on the quality of community life and
     record the findings in poetry and musical performance.
C. Training adults and youth in performance and storytelling techniques
     geared to fostering ecological awareness.

The Creator's and the ancestors' guiding hands  

We are following the guidance

  Following the wisdom builds the character of all involved in our programs - the teachers and students, facilitators and participants, performers and audiences

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